MASQ [Makeup Art by Samina Qureshi] ©  Editorial
Credits:  None
MASQ [Makeup Art by Samina Qureshi] ©  Editorial
Credits:  None
MASQ [Makeup Art by Samina Qureshi] ©  Editorial
Credits:  None
MASQ [Makeup Art by Samina Qureshi] ©  Editorial
Credits:  None
MASQ [Makeup Art by Samina Qureshi] ©  Editorial
Credits:  None
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"MASQ [M.akeup A.rt by S.amina Q.ureshi]

Samina Qureshi is a fully qualified:
Freelance Makeup Artist
Hair stylist
Beauty Therapist
Henna artist
- trained by highly professional, world-renowned makeup & mehndi artists from the UK as well as internationally. She has over a decade of experience and specialises in Bridal & Asian Bridal hair, make-up & henna/mehndi.

Samina Qureshi is an award winning makeup artist [- Charles Fox Makeup Company Student of the Year for Makeup Artistry] who is extremely dedicated & passionate about the work that she does, ensuring that her client's vision is fulfilled to its maximum potential. As a freelancer, her hours are very flexible as she is incredibly adept at balancing her time.

Her work is incredbly diverse; She has no set style & depending on request, she can transform her subject in minutes, like a chameleon, into something bold & magnificent or simply glorify their underlying natural beauty. She specifically only uses high quality makeup brands such as MAC & Lancôme for a flawless finish - There is no compromise on quality.

She has a vast inventory of experience on an International scale, working at large scale events, Charity Shows, Fashion Shows, Special Effects, Theatre, Film, TV (e.g. Morning talk show in Pakistan) & working privately with clients on many different occasions (e.g. Weddings, Parties, Graduations etc). Samina was a finalist in a Bridal Makeup competition for a globally broadcasted TV channel in Karachi. She is also invited from time to time to lead Makeup & Mehndi demos for Hair, Beauty & Makeup students.

She specialises in Bridal & Asian Bridal & Party looks & enjoys this the most, but she is also very skilled in other areas of make-up such as Arabic & Lebanese Bridal Makeup along with the aforementioned fields listed above. She loves interesting, creative 'out of the box' projects & is prepared to facilitate & cater to any imaginative ideas her clients may have planned.

Samina is based in Paisley, covering Glasgow & surrounds (& International locations upon request.)

For her facebook(full portfolio) (continuous project) visit her @:
fb /MakeupArt.Samina
fb /masqmakeup

& To view some of her intricate Henna designs visit:
fb /masqmakeup

(NOTE: This does not count as her experience.)

Initial Makeup, Hair & Beauty Course: Mahrose Beauty Salon, Karachi.
Asian Bridal Makeup & Hair: London's leading makeup artist Lubna Rafiq.
Mehndi Course: Ash Kumar (London)
Hair & Makeup Artistry Diploma: Scotland.
Beauty Therapy Diploma: Scotland.
Indian Model & Bridal Makeup: Memon Foundation, Karachi.
Makeup Course: Sis Stars.
Special Pakistani & Lebanese Bridal Makeup: Famina Institute by Kryolan

(To Be Continued.)"

Thank you for your interest in my profile, I look forward to hearing from you.
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