joemurtagh ©  Artistic Nude
Credits:  None
joe murtagh ©  Fashion
Credits:  None
joe murtagh ©  Artistic Nude
Credits:  None
joe murtagh ©  Artistic Nude
Credits:  None
joemurtagh ©  Fashion
Credits:  None
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Artistic Nudes
Body parts
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Locationmanchester,Greater Manchester,UK  
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Photography is not just a job for Joe Murtagh, it is his passion. The love of photography is what drives him to excel in his work.
With over 12 years of experience and with work nationally published in many magazines you will get the images you need to make you stand out from the thousands of other models trying to get the same work as you.
Shooting with the latest digital cameras and technology and with a vast knowledge of digital manipulation, you will get amazing images that you will love. Most importantly, Joe will give you what you want without giving you the attitude that other photographers have.


The BBC ( on going )
Nuts magazine ( 3 issues )
Topshop, ( front window )
Mixmag Magazine ( 9 issues )
DJ Magazine ( 5 issues )
**** ( on going )
Garlands Liverpool ( website )
Wearhouse Project ( on going )
Tidy Traxx ( contracted )
Space Ibiza ( Ibiza magazine, website, poster )
Pacha Ibiza ( Ibiza magazine, website, poster )
Gods Kitchen ( website, poster )
Cream Liverpool ( website )

( will up date this at a later date )
Being flexible and open to the customers needs is one of the key elements in the success of Priceless Images. joe will go that extra mile for you to make sure that you get the pictures you want and walk away satisfied.

I see more and more models with the same exact portfolio, bikini shots on a beach or pool, lingerie shots inside. Thats because a lot of models dont want to pay or think they should not pay photographers and only shoot with tfp photographers that give them and all the other models the same exact images over and over.
If you want something creative and different for your portfolio then shoot with me. Modeling is like any other business you have to spend money to make money.

Invest in a great portfolio and you will see a return by getting published or getting more paid work because your photos are attracting attention and are not just the same old boring shots these tfp photographers are doing.
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