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Hi I am Tom,

I am a young creative photoshop editor. I used to work as a TV cameraman. I love the vintage and Pin Up style.

I offer photo editing for mainly new models.

It is free for new models and I normally do one or two images free for established models as well.

If you are struggling to find a photographer to shoot you, are nervous about your first shoot or just like taking your own pics then I can help.

I work with many models and they send me images. Most of these they have taken themselves and would be classed as "amateur" I edit and enhance these images and can produce some great results.

If you have images taken by a photographer I can edit these as well but permission MUST be sought from the photographer first as they will own the copyright.

The images you send me must be high quality. The image size needs to be at least 2mb or higher in size.

So what are you waiting for, come say hi and get your free pics.

If you want a challenge and fancy working with a creative mind then drop me an email.

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