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12/01/2010   Banksy style shoot   
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full time International Athlete (england karate team)

represented England at
2007 European karate Championships Izmir Turkey (kumite) (cadet)
2008 European karate Championships Trieste Italy (kata)
2009 European Karate Championships Paris France (kumite)
(under 21)
2009 World Karate Championships Rabat Morocco (kumite)
under 21)

Five Nations (England v Wales v Northern Ireland v Scotland v Eire) Men's team 2nd overall (men and womens team combined) 1st (senior)

Budo Nord World Cup winner 2008 (under 21)
Disney European Festival of Martial Arts Grand Champion 2008 (under 18)
English National Kata Champion 2008
Welsh Open National Kumite Champion 2008
Irish Open National Kata Champion 2008
Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist 2008
British National double Bronze Medalist 2008

WTKO World champion kata 2001
WTKO World champion kata 2002
FSKA World Kata Champion Under 21 2007
FSKA World Kata Champion Senior 2007

featured in
Now Magazine
Martial Arts Illustrated
Combat Magazine
Traditional Karate

Winner of Monochrome People award 2009 (Hugh Spence image)

Trevor Macdonalds 'Tonight' show 3 times
gmtv 3 times
bbc world news
fash fc
nike advert
open university

sports Agent ****

Sponsors ****

featured on various websites including
**** the olympic interview
please message for any more information required


applephoto (Andrew Apple)
(mm*230210 studio location shoot) x1
I guess if you are young and as skilled and talented as Gareth is, it would be very easy to become a complete pain in the arse. Gareth is anything but, certainly one of the nicest giys I've worked with. An excellent communicator, puts everyone else at ease around him and works bloody hard.
I only hope his future career still leaves him time for modelling,everyone should have some BBB in their port.

jeff emerson
(nm location shoot) x 1
G may be the most talented male model I have ever worked with...he moves with ease (the karate).. he looks great (i think a young nick cage), his work rate is phenomenal as is his pre shoot help-we took over 3 months to set our shoot up with scheduling was worth waiting for. but hell don't listen to me,just work with him. he will blow you away.oh and sorry about the lying in the street thing.thank christ the cab got nigel not you (hehe)
cheers g.and thanks.i hope u like the pics

john henry
(nm location shoot) x1
I worked with BBB earlier this year, and he proved to a keen Model willing to take direction and brought his own ideas to the shoot which was refreshing. He joined us at the Bunker 6 shoot and worked with many Photographers at the event and produced a large variety of styles which an some amazing Images

(nm group shoot location) x 1
Worked with Gareth yesterday in a joint shoot with LydiaT.
The pre shoot communications were great so everyone knew what was expected and as a result I got some great images. Gareth takes direction very well as well as bringing his own ideas. A great chap to work with and I hope to do so again in the future.
Highly recommended.

Daniel Petit
(nm group location shoot) x1
Good shoot with Gareth at the 6th Bunker. He was well organised and prepared and this was crucial to success on such a tightly scheduled event.
Took good direction and although confessing to not being a lighting expert, was able to understand what I was trying to achieve and react to it well.

(nm group shoot location) x 1
Shot with Gareth (and Rio) at the Bunker group shoot and had an absolutely fab time! Was really energetic and full of ideas - even well into a long evening! Highly recommended.

Pam Martin
(mm*894004 group shoot location) x 1
I shot with BBB and Rio at Bunker 6. The communications before hand were amazing. He understood exactly what we were aiming for and came well prepared. He was fun to work with on the day, and worked hard. The results speak for the effort that was put in.
BBB - I look forward to the next time we get to work together again.

Bob the boulder
(nm group shoot location) x 1
I had the pleasure of shooting with Gareth at the October '09 Bunker shoot, and would recommend him without reservation. Gareth personifies the qualities that I look for - professional, organised, committed and reliable. The pre-shoot communications were superb, resulting in a very productive, well ordered shoot which produced some excellent images in spite of technical difficulties. I wish all models attained Gareth's standards.

Jay Fuller
(nm group shoot location) x 1
I worked with Gareth & Rio on a martial arts themed shoot down @ bunker shoot 6, he is a hard worker as well as a joker that makes shooting fun and productive.
I would like to work with Gareth again in the future on a shoot and will recommend him 101% to anyone else thinking of booking.

pinklady (mm*792169 mua theatre shoot) x 1
OK, so he only needed a light dusting of powder but if that's all the excuse I needed to get on a shoot with Gareth, that's fine by me! He's a great character, dedicated, hard working and lots of fun. Looks pretty good too. Now all I need is another excuse...

(nm location shoot) x 1
The shoot was on the spur of the moment, I have chatted to gareth and his dad on the phone but never managed to meet the pair of them, They were a pleasure to meet and even more so to work with, the shoot was friendly and its hard not so smile when around gareth ,, all in all a fun couple of hours, and not forgetting the lovely Destiny1984, i must admit she did make him look better,

model4money (chris goodchild)
(nm location shoot) x 1
Gareth is one of the best ever models I have worked with in 5 years. He was really great to work with and has an incredibly natural pose.

(mm*371252 location shoot) x 1
Good to work with you the other day.

(mm*886758 studio shoot) x 1
Gareth and Rio came to me in so that Rio could get her portfolio started. Gareth was quite happy to take a back seat whilst i shot Rio however we shot some couple shots which i'm very pleased with. As officially chaperone Gareth didnt interfere and even came up with a few ideas for images for Rio as well.
As model Gareth is fairly experienced and disciplined and has a good rapport with camera and interacts well with his co models. I would not hesitate to have in back for some more work later on.

(mm*308619 promotional shoot, studio and location) x 1
I had a shoot with Gareth and his karate team-mates. A fantastic bunch with huge support from parents, and in particular Geoff (Gareths Dad) who was very helpful, supportive and involved and yet managed to be totally non-interfering. Gareth arrived on crutches after a training accident but when it came to posing he grinned and beared it. The poses these guys can manage are totally unique, very dynamic and very extreme. There is great potential here to achieve unique images. Great stuff!

jsimages jeff sterling
(nm studio shoot) x 1
Worked with Gareth yesterday afternoon. Good comms before the shoot, very relaxed in front of the camera. Takes direction well and contributes his own ideas to the shoot. Also had the pleasure of shooting his England team mate, Rio Smith, and she was brilliant for her first time. I hope to work with them both again in the near future. Thanks guys!

iso3200 Chris Marwood
(nm Studio shoot) x 1
Gareth is a nice young lad, easy to get on with and looks after his body. Very much up for it and eager to please and wants to do well. Takes direction easily - in fact I think he could/should be pushed a lot more now that he's found his feet in front of the camera. I think some quality photographers should give him a chance and help him develop further.

(nm location and studio shoot) x 3
I had the pleasure of working with Gareth yesterday. It was a fun relaxed shoot and Gareth is funny and entertaining. He took direction well, was well organised and came well prepared . I would highly recommend working with him and hope to do so myself again in the near future :-)

Daniel Slade
(nm studio, group shoot x 2) x 3
Had a great shoot with BBB today! Kept in touch, confirmed all details and was fun, professional and a pleasure to work with. He had some great ideas, put Michelle_S at ease and was happy to do anything I asked. Would work with him again anytime. Thank you G

(nm location shoot group shoot) x 2
What can I say that has not been said already ! I found Gareth to be very professional and hard working, he takes direction well and is happy to explore new ideas and his own.
Keep an eye on this Model, and book him quickly as I feel that he will be in demand this year

(nm studio shoot) x 2
worked with Gareth on two shoots - a commerical shoot for his karate sponsor and a shoot for his portfolio - very nice guy, easy to work with and good results

Flexie (martin Hemming)
(nm studio location) x 2
All i can say is 'Gob smacked'! Gareth i must say is quite a natural and unique. I need say no more as it has all been written below and what i can say is he is very professional from start to finish.. It was a pleasure to shoot/work with Gareth and anyone who has a shoot booked with him he will not let you down. I certainley recommend Gareth and i look forward to working with him again soon.

Gary Silver
(nm studio) x 1
I worked with Gareth and Francesca a few months back and although i don't normally shoot men, Gareth was good fun and a decent sort of bloke !

(nm studio) x 1
Gareth was a cool character on the day, and coped with Beverley's charms in a very professional way (ahem), a good model with good facial features which would suit a lot of artistic lighting and scenarios, all in all a top bloke and male model

(mm*studio) x 1
Enjoyed the shoot with Gareth, Rachel and Jack very much and they are all very welcome to return anytime in the New Year. These are three talented athletes who will all be representing their country next year and I am very proud to be associated with them. I would also recommend Gareth as a fine male model but I don't want his head to get too big. Only joking Gareth, you're a top man.

muppett tog (x2)(studio) (location x2)
I had the pleasure of working with Gareth and thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. He works hard, takes direction well and above all has a great personality which made the shoot a lot of fun! I would not hesitate in recommending Gareth highly

ability (studio)
Having worked with Gareth I can say without a second thought, book a shoot with him if you dare ;-)
It will be fast and exciting.Gareth was great to work with. Took direction very well and was lots of fun.
A really nice and very fit young man. I would work with him again at any time.

pamperd (studio) (location)
I thoroughly enjoyed working with this young man. He is honest, dedicated and committed. He is willing to try anything and works extremely hard. He takes direction well and is able to get into character, but is also happy to come up with ideas of his own to make the shoot a success.
I am more than happy to recommend this young man and look forward to the opportunity of working with him again.

megy (location)

St Neots Camera Club (studio)
Just a line to let you know that a photo of you won the 'people' section of the Monochrome prints in this year's exhibition, which is going to be on on 28th March at the Priory Centre, St Neots.
Thanks again,

Hugh Spence (studio)
Just a line to let you know that a photo of you won the 'people' section of the Monochrome prints in this year's exhibition, which is going to be on on 28th March at the Priory Centre, St Neots.
Thanks again,

srs photography (studio)
Gareth arrived on time and was enthusiastic, friendly and cooperative. I got the shots I was looking for, hope to work with him again in the future.

kk1 (group shoot)
I worked with Gareth today and can highly recommend him. His modelling skills are excellent, has his own brilliant ideas and communicates well. He is hard working, confident and easy to get on with, comitted, reliable and immaculately turned out. What more can I say....just book him !!

syess (group shoot)
great guy, very pro-active, would definitely work with again.....maybe you should as well?

david l (group shoot)
I worked with Gareth at the slipland shoot a couple of weeks ago. He is a highly professional model, who can take an idea, and turn it into a picture. He throws himself in to the shoot with enthusiasm, and can create a variety of looks to make the photographer's job really easy.
Highly recommended.

bun (group shoot)
This gentleman rather surprised me at the kinkyboots shoot today! I hadn't shot any male models before, and this was such a fun experience. Luckily it seemed we were on the same wavelength and had a hillarious but still very productive shoot- he had loads of ideas and indulged my slightly mad ideas whilst maintaining a straight face.... mostly! I saw him working hard all day, and I'm really pleased with the results we got! Thanks BBB!

ace (x 2) (group shoot)
Really hard working and takes direction well, works and interacts with other models well. Mature beyond his years, a distinct asset and a versatile look. I think he could do well as a commercial model. Hope to work with Gareth again.

cruiser (group shott)
Worked wit Blackbeltboulevard at the sliplands group shoot,not worked with a male model before so was not sure how the shoot would work out,but simply put,,,
Gavin was great to work with and would work with him again if the chance arose

Andrew G (group shoot)
I worked with BBB alongside Michelle_S at a group shoot.
He was calm and composed, with a wide wardrobe. He conducted himself professionally at all times, and he has a good instinct for posing himself in whatever situation he's in.
Top chap, well worth working with.

slipland (x2)(stylist) (studio and location)
I have had the oppurtunity to work with Gareth from very early on in his modelling career. He is a professional and very enthusiastic. He will work very hard prior to a shoot with excellent communication, ideas and a true desire for the shoot to be the best it can.
Work with this guy if you can, you are missing out if you don't.

cocoon (location shot)
Workd with Gareth and Shoy on a shoot on Wednesday. Very open to ideas and took direction well. A pleasure working with you, and we hope our paths will cross again. Jeanette and Kim

saracen house
Gareth's a lovely guy, really keen to deliver and progress. Highly recommended

I have been to shoots with BBB a couple of times now and he is always fun to work with as well as organised and polite and would recomend him to anyone

MODELS i have worked with

sweetest Destiny
(2 shoots 1 location 1 studio) (1025725)
What can i say about gareth?! He's an absolute sweetheart and a fantastic model to work with. Excellent communications,Very dedicated and and full of creative ideas. Had alot of fun working with gareth and im pleased about the results. Book this guy now, HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!! We definately have to shoot again soon hun! x x x x

(x 7, 3 studio and 4 location shoot)(international athlete)(1382991)
have worked on quite a few projects and shoots with Gareth, he is a fellow England team mate and a good friend and has been very supportive and helpful getting me started in Modelling, a fun guy to shoot with and always a pleasure to be around whether on shoots or with the England team a top guy xx Rio

Becky Blisset
(mm 1303553) x 1 location/studio shoot
Had a great location shoot with Gareth last Thursday in Lincolnshire,which showed off his absolutely awesome karate skills and my ballet.He is a lovely fun person to be around and an exellent model with the talent looks and physique to go far,I would highly recommend working with him.Thank you Gareth for a super day,hope we can shoot together again soon. Becky xx

Miu (nm) (group shoot/location/bunker shoot 2009)
Finally had the chance to work with Gareth! For the Bunker 6 shoot, we plotted, planned and portrayed characters from Kill Bill (I the psycho schoolgirl, and he a villain in disguise). The shoot went very smoothly with Gareth so professional, easygoing and fun it was such a pleasure to work with him. I would definitely work with him again and thoroughly recommend him!

(mm*745774)) (group shoot/location/bunker shoot 2009) x 1
I had a brief shoot with Gareth at Bunker 6, he's extremely professional about his modelling and is also very friendly. I'd deffinatly work with him again.

LydiaT (nm) (group shoot/location/bunker shoot 2009) (1096267)
Reeeally enjoyed our shoot we must do it again when you get back from Morocco. We should try doing something that we both don't normally do for the shoot, like no karate etc but just something fun and unique. But...especially fun!
Goodluck with the whoop assing over there and see you when you get back hun.

Tony Knight (professional wrestler location shoot)

Tom Smith (location shoot)
Gareth is a top guy to work with

Matt_Morgan001 (location shoot) (1244739)

Tamrin (2 x location shoots and 1 as my mua) (1408790)
I Had the pleasure of working with Gareth yesterday, he came around very prepered, we had a great laugh, totally made me feel comfortable, although he must have thought I was completely Bonker Haha. He even went to the effort to get me some Underware for the shoot What a gent, Will be shooting with gareth again shortly, looking forward to it. Highly recommend to any mod or tog, as he puts his all into the shoot Thanks Gareth! Love Tamrin xox

Demari_Vi-Syth (nm)(748253)
I had a wonderful shoot with Gareth yesterday. He is a rapidly progressing model with a lot of personality and assertiveness. Easy to talk to and work with. I highly recommend Gareth to any photographer and would love the opportunity to shoot with him again.

Demari ou anime (see demari_vi_syth) (748253)
It was a pleasure to have worked with you also

poison enigma (see demari_vi_syth) (753800)
I'm glad you like the pics, yours are becoming stronger. I really like the new ones. xx

Nikitasara (nm)
Worked with Gareth for his personal portfolio which i hope will soon help him with his career and funding it.
He's extremely talented and also a great guy to work with.
An absolute pleasure!
I too have images from our shoot on my profile now
highly recommended. Nikita Sara

Beverley (nm mm) (9519940)
Had a great shoot with Gareth, very good communication before hand, had lots of ideas. He is a very talented, competent and confident model. I thoroughly recommend Gareth. Thank you. Bev x

Valentina (Ps)
see Francesca review

Francesca (nm)
Had a really fun shoot with Gareth. He's a smashing young man and has a very fit body and gorgeous green eyes! He is obviously very multi-talented and would love to work with him again some time x

Shoy (nm mm) (592627)
Work with Gareth last Wednesday he is a very personable young man with the determination to succeed in anything he sets his mind to.

Skyylane (nm mm) (782184)
Hey Geoff,
That's great news, really pleased that the pics have helped. It's fine as John the photographer has waived copyright and I'm happy for my image to be used
Skyy xx

alliinpink (nm)
Hi had the priviledge of working with Gareth, He is a good looking guy with lots of potential of becoming a model ... Shame though he wants to be the next Jean Claude Van Damme - God what am I saying.... Yummy lol.
Seriously though, If you have the opportunity of working with Gareth then grab it as he is great at taking direction and is looking fot the same results as a photographer -- "that one shot".

Rachel (international athlete)

cherylg (nm mm) (897373)
Worked with Gareth briefly at a group shoot.He was professional,friendly and of course he is incredibly fit and handsome.A great male model and a credit to himself and modelling.Hope to get a bit longer to work with him next time around x

april pink (nm)
What a little Strumpet, but in a good way, a very charming young man and a delight to work with. Very good at getting into character and great sense of fun a total lush

nikkia (nm)
Gareth is sooo much fun to work with - I think we managed to stop giggling long enough to get some photos at the Slipland shoot today!
He's a real good sport and definately happy to experiment with different things!
Nikki x

xcookiex (nm)
I worked with Gareth at the KBS earlier this month (May), he works really hard and is very easy to work with.
I would reccommend him to other togs and hope to work with him again.

iwo (nm)
We did shoot at the and of the day. I was feeling tired and weak. But this young boy makes me energized... I had such a good time with him. he is really well prepared lovely model.
We did well...((: xx

Cheryl Quelch (nm mm) (1170131)
I had a great time working with Gareth at KinkyBoots Slipland, he was very professional and worked rele hard!! He was really fun to work with and i definately hope to work with him again very soon =] ... a brilliant model, book him quick as u will not be disappointed!!!
I wish him all the luck in his modelling career..
Thanks Hun

scarlett uk (nm)
Working with Gareth was great fun, even if I did feel a bit Mrs Robinson! What a fab shoot, Gareth made me feel totally relaxed. He was able to step into his role easily and delivered the shots needed. A pleasure I hope to repeat!

araminta (nm)
I had the chance to work with BBB as part of the Kinky Boots group shoot. I found him to be very friendly and easy to get along with, and he always looks absolutely fantastic in the finished images. I love the shots we got and I would recommend him highly to anyone. Minty

Michelle_s (x2)(nm)
Worked with G twice now, great communication, fun to work with and puts his all in to every shoot. awesome! what can i say had a great shoot with bbb today, great communication before shoot, great ideas, fun, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. highly recommend bbb to any tog to work with, and hope to work with him again really soon. FAB!!!!! xxx

danni_ella (groupshoot)
I really enjoyed working with Gareth on the 'Kinky Boots Shoot' he is a good laugh and very down to earth.
Gareth has a great intense look and i would love to work with him again if given the opportunity. D x

SHOOTS ARRANGED dates to be confirmed
looking to book shoots from the end of november message me with inquiries please

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