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Model Statistics
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourOther
Cup SizeB
Weight112 lbs
Dress Size8
Shoe Size3
Areas of Interest
Compensation Accepted
Account TypeModel
Will Travel
Member since05/04/2010 12:39:39
Last Login08/04/2010 21:57:51
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Member Notes
Hello there im Barbwire...

I am a model from the east midlands and have just over 5 years experience as a model, i have worked on location, studio and done shoots from home occasionally.

Modeling to me is a form of expressing who i am, my personality, my character and i really love it when it shows in the photograph.

Shoots i have done include fashion, clothing, advertising, hair & make-up, Fetish, Gore, lingerie, swimwear and band music videos although i am open to any ideas you may have for a shoot, often the crazier the better.

I have been featured in a published 2008 arts calender, been in a bands music videos and done various exhibitions.

I came 2nd in the "best simple portrait" exhibition by Paul Saxby in 2008 and am on hair gallery sites across the UK an US which i am really pleased about.

I have been charging about £15ph which i think is a very fair charge considering the amount of years i have been modeling for, i love new challenges & experiences and am a very keen model.


Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Thanks for your time!



References from models & photographers ive worked with:

"Chantelle was great to work with, extremely professional and easy to communicate with, I would be pleased to work with her again"

Photographer - Paul Saxby

"Chantelle is just so awesome to work with, the fact that she is very very beautiful helps, and a great personality, the shoot went so well, going to work with her again very soon"

Photographer - Alex Saunders

"Great time keeper, easy going and very attractive, she was an absolute pleasure to work with"

Photographer - Anthony Hall

"It was a delight to photograph a delightful lady who is full of ideas and vision, very professional with a great sense of humour, oh she made me wish I were 25 years younger. Considering the studio was way below our expectations she took it all in her stride and we managed to get some good images from it. Certainly well reccommended"

Photographer - Michael Freeman

"Professional attitude, lovely to work with, her eyes just sparkle on a shoot, really fresh attractive model, was a pleasure to work with her"
Photographer - Jared Jayden Lacee

"Little Miss Dynamite!! I worked with Chantelle and her friend Amie on a shoot based in a theatre. She made a fabulous Christine from Phantom. Very organised, punctual, great expressions and poses"

Photographer - Andrew Appleton

"In January 2008, I did a photographic project with Chantelle and her friend Emma. We did a shoot focusing on punk and heavy metal band themes"

"The shoot went great and I enjoyed working with Chantelle. She was punctual and extremely willing and worked well on the creation of ideas that we could explore and shoot"

"The resulting images were excellent and I would gladly work with Chantelle again, and have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective employer or studio"

Photographer - Jon Knight

"Met Chantelle the other week and finally worked with her today after a while of trying to arrange something"

"A great model, a great laugh, and a pleasure to work with, very professional, Got some good stuff together"

"Strongly recommend her and hope to work with her again very soon"

Model - Feared Angel

"Excellent to work with. Arrived on time. Very good in doing her own makeup, what makeup I asked for I got and she brought all the clothes I asked for. I will be booking her again in the near future!"

Photographer - Alan Stacey

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