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Model Statistics
Hair ColourOther
Eye ColourBrown
Cup SizeD
Weight90 lbs
Dress Size6
Shoe Size6
Areas of Interest
Compensation Accepted
Account TypeModel
Will Travel
Member since08/04/2010 02:05:11
Last Login27/07/2016 19:25:43
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Member Notes

Hi there, I am Amber.

I am a very petite size 4-6 model from Paignton. I am 5 foot 6 inches tall but can wear heels if required!

I currently have very pastel hair that goes from purple and blends in with green and pink tones, there are also hints of yellow and blue if you look real closely! I would love to get some cool shots with this new hair as it is sure to capture a wide range of eyes!

I would describe myself as creative and artistic with a flair for colour. I am influenced by a wide range of styles such as kawaii, gothic, alternative, punk, fashion but I actually follow my own style as I please.

I am capable of doing my own make up to a high professional standard and love playing around with different looks for creative purposes so a make up artist is not needed as I would much prefer to do my own make up.

I have a wide varied wardrobe with around 500+ dresses, jeans, tops, a few lingerie sets plus around 50+ shoes ranging in different styles and colours so I can do different looks for the right shot. I am also an avid thrift shopper so I can source clothing/ shoes/ outfits quite easily if needed.

I have a one bedroom flat we can shoot from with a gothic feel to it through out the building that was there when I moved in so that will be interesting to use for artistic / vintage shots with a focus on red/ purple walls and then brown/ neutral walls with some plain brick work.

I am happy to travel to shoots within the Devon area as long as my travel is covered or reasonably covered some way. I can also get to a location if needed, if it is within the Devon area.

My hobbies are being creative with a wide interest in art, I also make my own jewellery, and accesories which could be useful for photo shoots to create a certain look and I have also made and transformed my own outfits in the past as well.

I am happy to do styles from fashion onwards to lingerie/ swimwear. I would like to focus on the gothic/ alternative/ dark/ grunge style as well as soft, pastels, floral looks, again I am open to other ideas.

If you wish to work with me or have an idea I may be interested in doing, please get in touch via message and we can discuss it. Smile I do not have any social media except my personal instagram, under the username@mermaidbabyvibes and I would also be willing to hand out email or phone number to confirm a booking!

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