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Digital Black and WhiteSimon Matthews1 month ago by freeofall08/06/2009 13:35:16
Layer mask-i think!roynesbitt19731997 days ago by silksky23/11/2010 23:57:35
What's your poison?GCImages2535 days ago by targetlocations10/03/2011 21:42:00
Free Digital Art and Retouching Photo, Restorationtrainingretoucher2558 days ago by trainingretoucher23/02/2011 08:55:33
RetouchingAllyAngel1 month ago by cerityimages19/01/2011 12:15:12
Prop Hireedaz782647 days ago by bobhimages18/04/2010 17:15:57
Getting stunning eyes?DaisyKittenPhoto2731 days ago by strawbs74808/08/2010 17:46:42
Which to pick??roynesbitt19732732 days ago by NoClue17/06/2010 07:16:36
Help.....image sizingpicsunique2811 days ago by stan18201/03/2010 13:03:01
Newbe to retouching what do you think????rubyreyphotography2937 days ago by MelanieRose08/02/2010 23:45:22
Ps and bridgeSimon Matthews1 month ago by Portfolios13/07/2009 16:48:48
Photoshop - body glitter??joroda7771 month ago by Photodesign20/02/2009 12:25:38
Multiple ProcessKeiran Bingle1 month ago by SmilesPhoto20/01/2010 14:01:41
Edited my 2 unedited photos? please.miron2979 days ago by GlossyPinkLipstick27/10/2009 22:20:13
Tutorial Vidsjcphotography2988 days ago by chris01/04/2009 10:07:36
This is my first attemped at re touchingkitty3010892989 days ago by learner24/03/2009 15:53:42
Chrome???????landonroad2993 days ago by DragonLady15/12/2009 10:48:28
Interestingphotomachine3018 days ago by babybabebex200427/06/2009 07:27:18
Can anybody help a stuck photographer ?Skippie3087 days ago by charlotteburrows424/06/2009 15:20:35
Try youtube 4 tutorialsRachClaireLouise3096 days ago by RachClaireLouise03/09/2009 00:13:14
Retouching Offered Hereflashdancer3097 days ago by Eltham15/04/2009 11:08:07
Conversion - psd to jpgSimon Matthews3098 days ago by Eltham10/08/2009 10:19:02
Over retouched??Neil3130 days ago by misiaka23/01/2009 19:38:37
Tan Lines 2nwpp3145 days ago by adam25114/07/2009 09:14:19
Tan Linesnwpp3169 days ago by DigitalGlow21/06/2009 23:20:28
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