Studio Namelofthouse studio battersea
Address 44 Burns Road, 44 Burns Road
Post CodeSW115GX
Tel.0207 801 0180
Fax0207 801 0180
Services Offered
  • Portfolios, £45 an hour
  • Location and Studio Hire, £20 an hour
  • Portrait Session, £45 an hour
  • Training, £45 an hour
  • Studio Hire, £20 an hour
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen
  • Changing Room
  • Waiting Area/Reception
  • Car Park
  • Shower
  • Model Register
  • Backgrounds
  • Lights
  • Props
  • Smoke Machine
  • Bubble Machine

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Lofthouse studio Battersea London SW11

This is not only a studio but lofthouse with other rooms to shoot in:

Permanent lounge set 20ft x14ft
Permanent bedroom set 14ft x 12ft
Retractable wall-bed in studio
Permanent modern kitchen set 14ft x 16ft
Many interesting angles to shoot from
Balcony at rear of property

The photographic studio is in Battersea, south west London is for hire to: models, photographers, agencies, television and film companies.

Happy for all styles work to be undertaken, yep weird stuff too

Lofthouse Studio with:
4 x Bowens 500 gemeni strobe flash units
2 x 300 watt strobes
1 x 300 Watt Arri with fresnel lens constant tungsten light
Many many softboxes
Overhead (head) light
Honeycombs with barn doors
Large beauty dish
Stands, Reflectors, Gels
Meter and infra red and radio triggers
Part glass floor in main studio 16ft x 14ft.
16ft high ceiling in main studio, great for natural light shots
Large 7 foot wide windows x 24 ft high for great natural light shots
Various background paper rolls
Many Cloth backdrops
Japanese shoje blinds
Japanese painted shutters
Two poles for pole dancing
Steel beam above studio area for hanging props from

I can also recomend many models who are willing to pose at the studio.

£20 per hour
£40 for 2 hours
£57 for 3 hours = £19 per hour
£76 for 4 hours = £19 per hour
£111 for 6 hours = £18.50 per hour
£144 for 8 hours = £18 per hour
£175 for 10 hours = £17.50 per hour.

Gregory Brown
RING 0207 801 0180
44 Burns Road, Battersea
London SW115GX
0207 801 0180
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