Site Rules

1.1          MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: You may not have more than one account of the same type

1.2          NO DATING: Any users found trying to use this site as a means of finding a date will be banned

1.3          UNWANTED CRITIQUE: Unsolicited critiques will not be tolerated, please refrain from doing so. This includes personal attacks and unneccessary insults.

1.4          PERSONAL INFORMATION: Do not include your address, email address or phone number in your portfolio or on any forums on

1.5          SPAM: Spamming is not permitted anywhere on the site. Users found spamming the internal messaging system or public forum will be removed and banned. Vote for me posts are included please see point 1.7 below.

1.6          ADVERTISING: The internal email system is not to be used for advertising. You should post on an appropriate forum or alternatively contact us.

1.7          VOTE FOR ME: Vote for me posts are not currently permitted, these will be regarded as spam.

1.8          AVATAR: We would like to keep a work-safe environment, as your avatar is open to the public, please ensure that is contains no adult, nudity or obscene material. If we deem an avatar to be inappropriate it will be removed.

1.8a        ADULT TOPICS: If you are starting a new forum topic and it includes adult, nudity or obscene material please ensure you mark it as adult before posting. If you intend to reply to an existing topic that has not been marked as adult, but feel your post falls under that category, please ensure you mark your post as adult.

 If we deem a topic to be adult, we will mark it as so. Users who continually ignore these rules will be removed and banned.

1.9.         PORNOGRAPHY: It is against the law to upload nude or sexually enticing images of anyone under the age of eighteen years of age. Any user who does so will be removed and their information will be handed over to the proper law enforcement authorities.We also do not endorse pornography here and will remove any images of an overly graphic nature, please see the help section on adult images for more information

2.0          ADULT IMAGES: When uploading adult images, please ensure you mark that they are adult in the check box.      

2.1          IMAGE MERIT:  Images that are deemed by the admin and moderators to be lacking in taste or artistic merit will be removed.

2.2          COPYRIGHT: When uploading images, you must give correct copyright credit to the owner of the image. If you do not know who owns the copyright please ensure you have permission to upload the image before posting.

2.3          POSTING: Please ensure that your post is posted in the proper forum. If you do not know which one it belongs to, please ask a moderator or contact us for assistance.

2.4          RIVAL SITES: NO competitor sites may be mentioned in any form including the internal mail system, please refrain from doing so. i.e. See more of me on **.com is not permitted. Our system will scan and flag these. Repeat rule breaks will result in account suspension. Regretfully this rule must be applied as we are unable to differentiate between friendly references to rival sites and advertising of them.

2.5          TROLLS: Don't troll, (come to the site for no other purpose than to ruin the community and bring others down).

2.6          EXPERIENCE LEVELS: Please specify your experience level appropriately. Members who state a level of Professional with no images uploaded to back this up, i.e. webcam or clearly amateur shots may have their experience level adjusted without warning. There is no shame in being a beginner, we all start somewhere but in the interest of keeping the information on the site accurate please ensure you match your level with your work.

2.7          NO LIBEL: Do not use NP for outing any companies or pointing out libellous claims. As it would be impossible to know all the details of the claim we must not have any involvement. Please refrain from any claims or slander of other people or companies.

2.8          HARRASSMENT: Harassment is not permitted. If you are being harassed we advise you to ignore the harassing party and if it continues to report them to us. If we can take action we will, in nearly all cases we would prefer it is dealt with by the members involved.

2.9          No shouting. Capital letters in topic titles are not permitted.

3.0          MULTIPLE THREADS: Multiple threads, please see if a thread already exists before starting a new one and use that thread. Multiple threads on the same topic can clutter the forums.

3.1          AVOIDING RULES: Circumventing rules. If you think you have found a loop hole in our rules you haven't. We may change them at any time, add new ones without notice and view these as guides for correct behaviour. If a new problem arises we will handle it immediately even if this means dealing with it before we have had time to update these rules.

3.2          AGE RESTRICTIONS: Our age limit for this site is 18 years and above. Members joining under this age limit may have their accounts removed without warning, though we will always do our best to ensure you are made aware of the reason.

3.3          SHOUT OUTS: The shout out system must be used sensibly. Members who attempt to use this to circumvent rules or abuse the system or other members may have their accounts locked.

3.4         CASTINGS: Members who apply to castings on a whim and are clearly not appropriate for the job or are chosen and make no effort to contact the casting poster risk being suspended from the site. Please thing carefully before applying.

3.5         SARCASM AND RUDE/DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOUR: Please keep sarcasm to a minimum in Forums. You may express your views however please do so in a polite and respectful manner.

4.0         COLLAGE IMAGES: Free members may not upload collage images at any time, for all other members we will allow 'story board' style shots within reason based upon our discretion. Collage images on free accounts will be removed.

4.1         IMAGE COMMENTS: Please ensure image comments are comments on the image. Using the comment system as a PM system or a place to tell someone they are 'sexy' or similar without an actual comment on appreciation of the image can lead to a warning, account suspension and/or the comment being removed.

5.0         OVER SENSITIVITY: When posting for a critique please do not respond negatively if the response you got is not what you seeked. This is not a site for complement seekers. If you post in the critique section we expect responders to be diplomatic, polite and respectful but honest. Similarly we expect the 'requester' to acknowledge the replies and not 'counter attack' those who give negative views. It is their opinion that they are entitled to. If you feel someone has been rude please contact us and report them, do not start a argument in the thread itself. It only serves to make yourself look argumentative,(the same applies to all threads). Rude behaviour in the forums will not be tolerated.

5.2         SITE REDIRECTION / MEMBER POACHING: Members who try to use the site to build up their facebook networks or other site networks risk being banned. The site provides facilities to allow members to network within it and is not to be used as a base to poach members.

6.0         NO HOME PAGE BUMPING: Members who are considered to be uploading work for the sole purpose of putting it on the home page, and then delete and re-upload the same work at frequent times will have their image bumped off the home page by us. Repeatedly carrying out such action will result in your portfolio being banned from ever appearing on the home page with the ban lifted at our discretion. You will be warned in advance to give you every opportunity to cease such behaviour. Please note all image uploads are logged. Please respect the right everyone has to having their images seen on the home page.

7.0         REVIEWING THE SITE: If members wish to discuss the site itself, its running, moderation decisions etc we ask that members contact us directly. Please do not post topics of this nature in the forum as they will be removed, this includes topics deemed to be 'site comparisons'. We wish to keep the forum about Photographic subjects and not the site itself. If you wish to leave feedback on a feature, an idea or similar this can also be done via PM or the contact us form on the site.




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