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Topic | Working from home in September
Hi everyone,
I have plenty of daytime availability in September when the kids return to school
I can black out most of the rooms with prior notice if it isbetter for your lights, or all rooms have plenty of natural light from bigwindows.
I have a varied wardrobe selection.
My minimum booking is 2 hours
My rates and levels are;
Lingerie/Artistic nude £30.00 ph
Nude Glamour/Erotic/UK Mag £40.00 ph
Light bondage, implied BDSM, £40.00 ph
Heavy bondage FROM £60.00 ph subject to discussion
US Mag - No insertions £50.00 ph
Can offer a solo splodge/messy shoot for £150. Shoots lastfor 1.5 to 2 hours and I purchase all the food stuffs to be used. Mostphotographers like to photograph me washing it off in the shower too! I usuallyuse custard, cream with different colours, squirty cream, yoghurt, a gateaux ortwo, but am happy to consider request for different things. You pour or I pour.Often I do these as g/g shoots and have an hours g/g afterwards, either boudoiror casual. £400.
I can also arrange for partners for g/g and b/g ifnecessary.
Please PM me with ny questions

ladyartist , Model  posted on 24/08/2017 21:18:44   Posted 16 times

Located:Nuneaton,Warwickshire, UK
Member Since: 11/07/2012
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