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Topic | Reduced maternity dates n rates :)

Hi All,
I now have a week free to shoot..I will be 8months pregnant at the dates of the shoot!
I'm happy to shoot at reduced rates if I can have a disc of 10maybe images to use for my own use. Images I would like edited though.
The following dates I have free to shoot from home are as follows..
24th Jan 9.30am-11am11.30am-1pm1.30pm-3pm
25th Jan9am-10am
26th Jan9.30am-11am11.30am-1pm1.30pm-3pm
27th Jan9.30am-11am11.30am-1pm1.30pm-3pm
30th Jan9.00am-11.00am11.30am-1.30pm
31st Jan9am-11am11.30am-1.30am
1st Feb9.00am-11am11.30am-1.30pm

I have rates for these slots, if you may be interested in shooting please send me a message.. I have limited e mail on here though..I am happy shooting to tasteful nude level.. Any ideas please ask
Many thanksKirsty :) 
My email address is Misscrystal86@****.co.uk
crystal86 , Model  posted on 14/01/2012 10:50:37   Posted 20 times

Located:Bromsgrove,Worcestershire, UK
Member Since: 30/06/2009
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