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Topic | Your best image of 2011......
Simply add what you think is your best image from 2011.  Hopefully more to come in 2012.  Here's mine.

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GCImages , Photographer  posted on 17/12/2011 15:12:54   Posted 707 times

Located:Gloucestershire,Gloucestershire, UK
Member Since: 03/10/2009
Love that pic, fantastic flesh tones, so delicate.



Big Nige

P.S - I'm waffling again aren't I

nwpp , Photographer  posted on 19/12/2011 13:41:05   Posted 544 times

Located:Sittingbourne,Kent, UK
Member Since: 25/03/2009
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think this is mine
dalyjk , Photographer  posted on 21/12/2011 10:03:59   Posted 89 times

Located:tadworth,Surrey, UK
Member Since: 25/01/2009
 this one for me. the hole shoot came up with interresting shots but i like this,?

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dirttydogg , Photographer  posted on 21/12/2011 21:14:18   Posted 15 times

Located:ipswich,Suffolk, UK
Member Since: 01/07/2011
Half way through the shoot, we swapped jokes... 

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Anita is such a delight to work with.
GrahamofRainham , Photographer  posted on 03/01/2012 01:18:05   Posted 6 times

Located:Rainham,Essex, UK
Member Since: 01/10/2008
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