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Topic | Bristol & South West Social meet - Xmas party
Monday 12th December 2011 - 7:30pm onwards.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS EARLIER IN THE MONTH THAN NORMAL! THERE IS NO MEETING ON THE NORMAL 3RD WEDNESDAY! The date has changed from the 14th to the 12th due to a clash at the venue

This is our Christmas party! Come along and make this a night to remember!

The King's Arms
168 Whiteladies Road

We are (or should be) in the main bar area upstairs. Just ask the bar staff if you're not sure, who should know where we are.

Web site: http://www.kingsarmsbristol.com
Location: http://www.kingsarmsbristol.com/location.asp

The Kings Arms is almost right at the top of Whiteladies Road, next door to Miss Millies and directly opposite an Esso Petrol station.

The number 8 bus (and I believe the 9, but it takes a slightly different route) travels past this venue, which you can hop on at Temple Meads Train station, or St Augustine's Parade (City Centre outside the Hippodrome). I am also reliably informed that the number 54 and 1 buses go from the centre and past the venue.

The Clifton Down train station is also a few minutes walk down the road, but please check last return train times.

Please [i]BRING ID[/i]. As far as I know, you do not need ID to enter, but bring it just in case (you may be asked at the bar if you order alcohol).

Screen images
You can now have your images put up for display on the TV screen. Please see the web site for more details:

Any questions, feel free to post them on the thread - all the regulars are very friendly

What to Bring?

1. Yourself
2. Portfolio (if you have one)
3. Business Cards (if you have them
4. Cash for the bar (if you want a drink)

Who's coming

Charis Talbot-Jones
Tony Gardiner -tonyg (maybe)
Kevin James (maybe)
Stephen Cottle (maybe)
Nigel Painter (maybe)
Lel Burnett (maybe)
Chris James (maybe)
Rob Noshmonster (maybe)
Paul Dawkins (maybe)
Rob Golding
Mark O'Grady
GoshPhotography (maybe)
Stuart Herbison (maybe)
Paul Dawkins (maybe)
Katra Knight
Mark O'Grady-Photography
Richard Craig
Grant Target (maybe)
Bruce Wembridge (maybe)
Colin Hajee (maybe)
StuArt-uk Melksham (maybe)

poppymclean (maybe)
Princess Leo
Hannah Ellis
Pixie Minx(maybe)
Jayne Marks (maybe)
Fran Gore (maybe)
Helen Diaz
Charlott Thompson (maybe)
Candice Rachel Williams
Jordann Ebbitt (maybe)
Charlott Thompson (maybe)
Twiggy05 (maybe)
Bonno (maybe) (ps)

Alice Bizarre Make Up
Bonnie Deponeo Mua

AndyM , Photographer  posted on 07/12/2011 23:57:13   Posted 30 times

Located:Bristol,Avon, UK
Member Since: 04/01/2009
Just a reminder that the meeting is tomorrow (Monday) evening! We won't be in our normal area, but that shouldn't make any difference to the merriment.

A couple of people have mentioned the weather, so I checked on weather.com for the Bristol and around the South West area tomorrow, and it's saying light rain and around 7C - 10C in the evening and early hours.

Oh, yes, feel free to dress up in fancy dress if you want, but just remember it is open to the general public, so nothing too risqu£ please... :)

AndyM , Photographer  posted on 11/12/2011 19:47:48   Posted 30 times

Located:Bristol,Avon, UK
Member Since: 04/01/2009
Final reminder for the party tonight - see you all in a couple of hours!
AndyM , Photographer  posted on 12/12/2011 17:28:55   Posted 30 times

Located:Bristol,Avon, UK
Member Since: 04/01/2009
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