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Topic | Two professional models: studio day £50ph slot :)
The stunning Emma Cadman Willis and myself will be teaming up for a double model studio day at Brightlights Studio on the 18th December. 

COST: £50 ph slot to include hire of both models and studio in one price.

What you'll get: 

Two models who work to full frontal artistic nudes and erotica levels, both professional and full time with over 11 years experience between us who can use their initiative, are expressionate and creative and work to make an image come to life. Both models can do own hair and make-up to a great standard and are happy to create different looks and experiement. We will work with professionals and amateurs alike and all will receive the same respect and work ethic regardless of their level of experience. We love doing what we do and have a great time while doing it! 

We can cover a variety of styles including casual, fashion, high fashion, alternative fashion, lingerie, boudoir, vintage, lingerie, sensual, edgy, artistic, classic and figure nudes and erotica. We both have a good understanding of how to not only pose individually but how to pose together to create dynamic shots. We have shot together on a few occassions before and have previously organised a successful and fully booked studio day together before - so I suggest early booking if you don't want to miss the opportunity! :) 

We have a huge variety of outfits between us consisting of lace and frills, elegant dresses, gothic and alternative, fetish and everything inbetween. Seriously! It's quite disconcerting how many outfits we have! 

SLOTS: (Three slots already booked but awaiting confirmation of times) 

9:30 - 10:30
11:50-12:50 - BOOKED
13:00-14:00 - *BOOKED* toula1949
14:10-15:10 - BOOKEd

Book two slots or more and get the ten mins inbetween as a brucie bonus! 

The studio itself (for anyone who hasn't shot there before) is a HUGE space with 11 individual sets (see here: http://brightlightsstudio.co.uk/studio/sets.html) allowing for a variety of choice and styles and is fully equipped and there will/can be someone on hand to assist with lighting set-up, reflector holding and tea-making ;) 

And since it'll be so close to Xmas - ask us nicely and we may even come with tinsel and baulbauls to dress up/down in as you please! :p

Not an offer to be missed and we look forward to having a fun, busy and overall productive day of shooting! 

Thanks for taking the time to read. Feel free to contact either of us for links to online portfolios, ideas for a shoot or to discuss details - we'll be happy to chat with you! 

Zenith and Emma xx
Zenith , Model  posted on 25/11/2011 22:16:36   Posted 48 times

Located:Long Eaton,Nottinghamshire, UK
Member Since: 10/10/2008
Less than two weeks to go now!! :) 

A rare opportunity to get two professional, published and agency represented models shooting together up to art nudes :) 

Bag a bargain! Member Image
Zenith , Model  posted on 05/12/2011 21:28:58   Posted 48 times

Located:Long Eaton,Nottinghamshire, UK
Member Since: 10/10/2008
Just five slots left!! If you would like to book one or two, now's the time to get in touch :)
Zenith , Model  posted on 13/12/2011 21:53:34   Posted 48 times

Located:Long Eaton,Nottinghamshire, UK
Member Since: 10/10/2008
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