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Topic | Non published test adult shoot this weekend in tau
hi all,

i am after a Female model to work up to adult Level for a TEST shoot this weekend. this will be non published shoot as it is a test shoot for a future magazine piece, however you will be given a disc to use for your portfolio.


will last around 4 Hours, however half of this if not less will be full adult work. most of it will be dressed to artistic nude


Taunton area south west


pay depends on levels but around £80-£100 , this is for the adult level scenes which will last 1.5 ish. the remainder of the shoot will be up to artistic nude (TFCD)


possible travel cost may be included on top of fees

the shoot/set costs around £1000 to set up so main reason for your cost being low.

military style shoot,



Computor range (which you can fire on)

Possible vehicles


it is a once in a lifetime shoot that you can use.

if you are interested but do not work up to these levels then please just email to what levels you do.

mickgibbons , Photographer  posted on 26/10/2011 18:27:04   Posted 15 times

Located:Taunton and sunderland,Somerset, UK
Member Since: 28/12/2009
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