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Topic | Mail/castings/not working np not responding.
Hi All.
2 weeks or so ago i had cause to log into my castings by chance. To My surprise i found some applicants but i hadn't recieved any mail notifications. Member Image

Funnily enough i wasn't sure if i had been getting  emails from models as well for much longer as when i log in there would be a message waiting and i had no notification to my email or BB. Member Image It's so quiet on here i wasn't recieving enough to warrant investigation.TBH. Member Image

I managed to contact NP by posting in the SHOUT box (presumeably as my previous mails via contact were not being recieved.) Member Image

I got a short reply which amounted to "have you ticked all the notification boxes". I had already logged out and back in, only to find the site had updated and we now had tabs intstead of icons so this was a good move, but still didn't resolve the issue. I had also unchecked and rechecked all the boxes. Member Image

There isnt one that says "casting notification" anyway as far as i can see. Member Image

I explained this in a reply email via outlook and again by using contact but have heard nothing and still have the problem. But have had no replies again.... Member Image

After all that what im saying is can you/ you might wanna check your castings and mail settings and see if it's happening to you too. Member Image

Also NP MODERATORS can you fix this for me please as i have to constantly log in and check my castings incase i have had a response.(especially as i cant remove the old ones but thats a different story.) Member Image Member Image

Regards Paul
GlossyPinkLipstick FB Models (facebook closed group).

GlossyPinkLipstick , Photographer  posted on 26/08/2011 07:04:16   Posted 288 times

Located:Harlow,Essex, UK
Member Since: 12/10/2008
I don't think that is the only problem at the moment.....yesterday I put a comment on an image in Onabella's portfolio but, when it loaded it was a different image!!! (something that has happened before)  I have asked NP to remove it but no responce yet!!   Why is it that WE can not remove our own comments should we decide it is incorrect, or for any other reason?  Member Image
ottoblade , Photographer  posted on 26/08/2011 07:48:43   Posted 366 times

Located:Ely,Cambridgeshire, UK
Member Since: 10/11/2008
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