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Topic | New model looking for tfp/cd in london
22 year old aspiring model looking for photographer around London for a Photoshoot on TFP/CD basis. Looking to bulid a portfolio with a range of themes but mainly fashion. Please reply if interested and available.
valerie , Model  posted on 21/07/2011 16:07:20   Posted 3 times

Located:London,Middlesex, UK
Member Since: 22/03/2011
Hi Valerie, Member Image

I applied to your request for a TFCD Photoshoot?

Let me know when you want to do it and what sort of styles are you interested.

I have my own portable studio equipment so I can travel to you if its more convenient.

Let me know if I can help with producing your portfolio images.

Regards Member Image


pussersphotography , Photographer  posted on 25/07/2011 13:10:37   Posted 5 times

Located:East Dulwich,London, UK
Member Since: 06/03/2011
Good luck mate, Miss V did not bother to acknowledge nor reply to my offer. She'll go far I think !
cerityimages , Photographer  posted on 26/07/2011 21:47:32   Posted 32 times

Located:High Wycombe,Buckinghamshire, UK
Member Since: 30/12/2010
Me too contacted her both here and on tfp no reponce, which is a pity as she has a good look from what I can see in the portfolio picts

 Marcus Van Lyden

mvl , Photographer  posted on 30/07/2011 07:56:37   Posted 18 times

Located:Dagenham,Essex, UK
Member Since: 10/03/2010
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