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Topic | Local Female Model wanted (Telford, Shropshire)
Photo Dreams
Looking for a female model/muse to shoot with on a TFCD basis.
I wish to shoot a number of ideas based on themes of Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Gothic.
Some themes may include lingerie shots and some could involve some form of nudity, but this is entirely your choice.

I do have some wardrobe to be used on some of the themes, and so the ideal model would be;

Height: 5'4" - 5'8"
Dress size: UK 8-10
Body type: Proportional
Hair: Medium to Long
Age: 18 and over (would prefer a mentally mature model).

There could be a problem of availability for anyone interested..
I shoot on weekdays, usually between 8am and 4pm for all indoor/studio shoots.... possibly weekends for location shoots.
Location shoots will include Lakes, Fields, Woods, Mountains, Coast, Derelict buildings/castles etc...

Most of the images will be heavily photo-shopped, to create fantasy environments.

If you use public transport, i will collect/return you to the station by car.
If you are very local (less than about 15 miles away), i may be willing to provide full transport door to door.

There will be an initial meeting to discuss the shoots and suitability, before the actual shoots takes place.

I would prefer to use one model for multiple shoots, to form a good, comfortable, and creative working relationship.
Photo Dreams , Photographer  posted on 27/06/2011 15:16:14   Posted 77 times

Located:Telford,Shropshire, UK
Member Since: 29/09/2008
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