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Keiran Bingle
Hi all,

At present, im using Elements 5 to process my images, im sure there are easier ways to edit, than the ones i use, however ive come against a problem today and wondering if anyone as any helpful tips.

Ive edited a folder with 30 images in, they are now ready to go out to the client, however, they have now requested that they would like the images in both color and B&W.

Is there an easy way to multiple process them into B&W? or do i have to keep going the really slow way, of opening each image, and converting to B&W and then saving under a different name, before i move on to the next image?

Any ideas, help, or words of encouragment to stick at it greatly received

Keiran Bingle

Keiran Bingle , Photographer  posted on 20/01/2010 14:01:41   Posted 985 times

Located:Stroud, Gloucestershire, Pershore Worcestershire,Worcestershire, UK
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Hi Keiran.

I imagine you'd be better off one image at a time since you'll probably benefit from adjusting the contrast on your b/w's and this may vary from one image to another.

Look on the bright side - you've only 30 to do. Some models tell me they receive 100s!

Good luck,



SmilesPhoto , Photographer  posted on 20/01/2010 15:08:33   Posted 313 times

Located:UK,Kent, UK
Member Since: 27/03/2009
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