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Hi, For all the beginers to photoshop out there wondering where to get the best ways to glamourise your photos should check out this playlist.

its got everything you need for adding and taking diffrent things.

its deffently a place where you should start


hope you enjoy

jcphotography , Photographer  posted on 01/04/2009 10:07:36   Posted 7 times

Located:paignton,Devon, UK
Member Since: 02/03/2009
Member Image   wow jon what a great find, thanks ever so much for posing it & im sure it will help me out, Member Image

Merry christmas

learner , Photographer  posted on 18/12/2009 22:42:06   Posted 6 times

Located:grimsby,Lincolnshire, UK
Member Since: 17/12/2009
Great post and always good to see others helping others. I know some good tutorial sites as well if anyone is interested, just drop me a PM. If i can find them later I will paste them here.

M x
DragonLady , Digital Retoucher  posted on 19/12/2009 20:02:45   Posted 948 times

Located:London,London, UK
Member Since: 07/11/2008
Be wary of some of the tutorials esp. from the guru's who only tell you half the story.
chris , Photographer  posted on 20/12/2009 01:30:33   Posted 357 times

Located:Cheltenham,Gloucestershire, UK
Member Since: 08/10/2008
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