Alex Ingram ©  Artistic Nude
Credits:  None
Jason Tang ©  Artistic Nude
Credits:   jasontang
Jason Tang ©  Artistic Nude
Credits:   jasontang
Model Statistics
Hair ColourBrunette
Eye ColourGreen
Cup SizeB
Weight115 lbs
Dress Size6
Shoe Size7
Areas of Interest
Artistic Nudes
Compensation Accepted
Account TypeModel
Will Travel
Member since08/10/2008 14:22:44
Last Login10/04/2012 18:56:14
WebsiteOnly premium members may display their website.
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Member Notes

Hello every one,
My name is Bink and I am an 21 year old living out of my suitcase going where ever the work takes me. I have been modeling, specifically in the art nude genre, for the past 2.5 years.

I have long, wavy, dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a slim figure. This comes with a big smile on my face to every shoot.

I am very open to ideas from every one, so don't hesitate to email me!

Travel further

When contacting me regarding a shoot include the following details:
- Ideas for the shoot you had in mind
- Information on copyright and release forms
- Whether hair stylist and MUA are provided or not
- Dates that you are available



£150 - half day
£240 - full day

Remember I often offer no travel expenses deals!

Hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to contact me directly at **** for swifter responses.

Best Wishes,


View my work as part of 'Binkertson' at **** - taking comissions now.

Photographers you should all work with:

Ian Stobie (Istobie) x lots
Ian leake x3
Jason Tang xlots
Alex Ingram xlots
MWag x lots

Models you should all work with! :

IvoryFlame xlots
Christian Howard


I do have a cancellation fee, shoots cancelled within 1 week of the shoot date will mean I will need to be reimbursed the full shoot amount. Loosing money out my budget means limiting my travel, meaning I may not be able to come to your area in the future. In many cases I will see this as credit for a future shoot.

You should all be aware that I will only give references for people I have actually worked with. Photographers and models alike.

I pose in a way that I feel comes naturally from 2 years of working within the art nude genre. I do NOT aim to copy any ones work with my poses, if any of my images remind you of some one elses work this is because the human body only moves in so many ways, and perhaps we have the same colour hair.
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