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Member Image Hi I am an experienced model looking for paid work/partpaid in the southwest.
I work all genres of modeling and have loads of outfits, shoe's and accessories.
I am willing to travel aslong as a contribution to expenses are paid.
I have reasonable rates and will discount on shoots 4hrs or more.
Please do not book me for shoots under 2hrs.
I look forward to working with you!!
Many thanks,
P.S I am travelling to gloucester on the 28th of feb till the 3rd of march and currently have the 2nd free.
lexifox , Model  posted on 19/02/2012 17:12:20   Posted 5 times

Located:Plymouth,Cornwall, UK
Member Since: 19/02/2012
Member Image

Let me know about your Gloucestershire plans!
GCImages , Photographer  posted on 23/02/2012 02:10:37   Posted 707 times

Located:Gloucestershire,Gloucestershire, UK
Member Since: 03/10/2009
Love to book you on the 2nd whilst you are in glocester. I have mailed you to discuss.


moose321 , Videographer  posted on 26/02/2012 10:19:49   Posted 10 times

Located:Wetherby,West Yorkshire, UK
Member Since: 07/07/2009
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