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Topic | Portfolio Update-Beauty Queen!! :)
Hi Everyone!

I am returning to Modelling/Beauty Pageants after taking a year out and ideally need a new portfolio...

I would like to work with photographers local to Birmingham/West Midlands but if you think you could offer me some great shots I would be willing to travel :)

The type of images I am looking for are: Beauty/ Commercial/ Fashion and Lingerie (not nude, topless or suggestive)

Please view my achievements and references and feel free to contact me.. Member Image

Thank You x
xsazzybunix , Model  posted on 21/01/2012 16:45:01   Posted 11 times

Located:Birmingham,West Midlands, UK
Member Since: 11/12/2008

You may want to clarify what basis you are seeking the update to your portfolio, as the "Looking for Work" section is for people who are seeking to be paid, if you are seeking to be paid for the shoot and then wanting the pictures as well please clarify if you are prepared to pay for them or if you are expecting them for free.

Alternatively, if you are offering to pay for the shoot or offering a TF shoot, I would suggest you repost using the casting system.

Hope this helps and clarifies

Rob M

Remember: - If it ain't fun, it ain't worth doing

RobM , Photographer  posted on 22/01/2012 08:06:46   Posted 572 times

Located:Leicester,Leicestershire, UK
Member Since: 24/10/2008
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