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Topic | Extra free opportunity and tfcd available
I am a photographer and search for qualified models that have a Facebook page that request my friendship and wish be either only virtual or do some TFCD's if are in the New York area, I will add all my friends Facebook USA models with their name and US State and other Countries where they reside link to their Facebook page on my website at: www.bellissime.com let me know if interested to be add. Also I invite to open a free account with a new social network "DazLur Fashion" & World Model Book where you can post your portfolio information and pictures for free.
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Salvatore Vergone
Fashion & Glamour Photographer
Cell:      347-576-9952
Email:   ***
Skype:  Salvatore_Vergone


http://www.worldmodelbook.com/NYSTalents     (Agent" #.320 - code WMB Number: PHO2814)
NYSTalents , Photographer  posted on 24/09/2011 19:07:44   Posted 3 times

Located:Staten Island,New York, USA
Member Since: 16/09/2011
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