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Topic | erotic photography workshop in Latvia
November 13-14

Every weekend we organize erotic photography workshop in Riga, Latvia. Erotic photo workshop is a great way to learn new photography techniques, composition, posing secrets, basic post work, how to set a light, re-energize your creative approach and fully immerse yourself into the craft of photography. Whether you are just beginning our erotic photography workshops give you the possibility to learn nude figure photography in the scenic and inspiring landscapes of Latvia. Also you will work with most beautiful Latvian models. 

Equipment to bring with for a shooting workshop

    * A  DSLR camera
    * A Lens, or several. Traditionally the focal length of a good lens for photographing people falls in at about 50-200mm(35mm standart). A zoom covering that range is fine, as well as fixed focal length. If you have several lenses bring them to the shoot.
    * A Hot Shoe Flash. The flash is used ONLY to wirelessly trigger the strobe lights. Any flash will do as long as it's compatible with your camera.
    * Media Cards. Make sure you have enough digital media cards to accommodate up to 300 images as well as ample battery power. Bring your battery charger with you.

price: 200 euro

for more details contact me PM !
bravostudio , Photographer  posted on 25/10/2010 15:35:16   Posted 1 times

Located:Riga,, Latvia
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