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Topic | Acting for tv commercials - for models.
MILAEON are both a model agency and actor & performer agency, but the key roles that we get for models are for tv commercials. Each role can earn an average minimum of £300 per day upwards, with buyouts (one off royalty payment) of up to £25,000 for a featured role.
We have a number of models that are regularly auditioned for top brand tv commercials, and this has happened because they gained the basic acting skills through our MILAEON workshop to come across naturally on screen.
Examples of tv commercial roles for models that we deal with are: Head & Shoulders, Garnier, TK Maxx, Debenhams, Porsche, French Connection and many more.
We regularly hold 'Acting for TV Commercial' workshops that can change a models career path to success, whether a professional or new to the industry.
Each workshop has four hours of training in the morning with the afternoon dedicated to filming a mock commercial to be used to promote the models to casting directors and production companies. The models also receive the full HD video for their own marketing elsewhere.
On completion of the workshop, the model is automatically placed onto our book and promoted to the level of skill that they have shown us, with the potential for better roles as they build experience with each paid job they get.
We have only four spaces left for Tuesday 26th October, but additional workshops are held roughly once per week.
If you wish to get into the industry proper and have a great chance of earning a real professional income using your model skills and look, then the MILAEON 'Acting for TV Commercials' workshop is a guaranteed step in!
To book your place, go direct to our booking page at: http://www.milaeon.co.uk/milaeon-workshops/4543887346

MILAEON Model, Actor & Performer Agency

MILAEON , Studio  posted on 22/10/2010 02:52:46   Posted 9 times

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