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What is Net Portfolio?

A social networking site for everybody involved in the photographic and modelling industry, from models to designers.


Who can join Net Portfolio?

Anyone with a desire to work or who is already working within this industry. Please note, we do accept photographers who do not work with human models!


Who cannot join Net Portfolio?

We are not a dating service, so anyone looking for one should be advised this is not the place.

Anyone who appears to be a fake, or is using someone else’s work.

Pornographic material is not allowed on this site. No photos and no linking to such sites please.


My account was suspended / removed, why?

If you have breached any of our terms and conditions we will decide which course of action to take and will act accordingly.

You will notified as to the reason why.


Can I change my name?

Yes, please contact us to do so. We will be bringing in a feature so you can do it via your portfolio editor in the near future.


How do I remove my profile from this site?

Firstly, we can’t believe you would want to do that! However, if you do, please contact us to have your portfolio removed.


Why do some people have more photos than me, and why am I not a featured member? I want more!

These are premium members, for further information or to sign up, click here.


How do I set up and cancel notifications from Net Portfolio?

Log in and go to ‘my account’, then select ‘preferences’.


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