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SCHEDULE (Booked dates; the rest is available for booking)
June,July,August; Istanbul
14th Back in UK
26th Test for Alice and MUAs (casting call up)
27th Test for Alice and MUAs (casting call up)

10th "Wonderland" I (casting call up)
24th "Wonderland" II (casting call up)

7th "Wonderland" III (casting call up)
8th Birthday
21st "Wonderland" IV (casting call up)
28th "Who Am I?" The Dreamer

6th Surreal Christmas Shoot (casting call up)
13th "Who Am I?" The Prisoner + Conceptual Make Up and Hair
18 to 29th In Istanbul

3rd Something Borrowed,Something Blue
5th "Who am I?" The Optimist
7th "Who Am I?" The Child
9th "Star Gazing"
24th Studio Beauty Shoots

Contact: ****

**** is my msn to talk details and such since it is a faster option

My name is Aslı without the dot yea ^^
I am originally Turkish and living in London
First of all I am 20 years old and studying Photography BA,Middlesex Uni
Second just to make your lives easier whilst meeting and plus proving that I do in fact exist here is a pic of me It is old but I look pretty much the same
Oh ignore the hair in the pictures I change it a lot

I am here to visualize my dreams Writing and taking photographs is the only way to get what i see in my mind out

Paid assignments always welcome I have different packages and rates to meet your needs just PM me and I'll send it out

It will most of the time be for cd
I am quite selective I will test only if I have an idea i want to execute This doesn't have to be in a casting call since I have a book full of them
I will ONLY do a test with my own concepts with a few exceptions and you guys know who u are ^^

So before anything happens I have to first come up with something

Plus me having a concept doesn't mean I will definitely use you To test I need to FALL IN LOVE with you

I will always be providing an MUA and depending on the shoot a hair stylist as well I work with the lovely Dora CHAN most of the time
There will be styling present as well

If you are up for testing drop me a word and we can talk about it I am selective about it but I don't bite when you ask wink
Though when it comes to testing take no for an answer If you don't fit my style or I can't see how to work with you I won't the fact I know how to use a camera doesn't mean I can work with everyone and make the best out of it The old cheesy saying "It's not you it's me" wink

Rules for testing;

Up to size 8
Pale skin %99 of the time
At least shoulder length hair is necessary (not a %100 must though)
Always with a release form

I will once in a while test with new MUAs on open call days to continue working with them on commercial work later on
Contact me and I will let you know any is coming up

Hair Stylists
Open for test at the moment since I want to expand my team
Expenses paid

Always looking for new ones If I like your style I am more than happy to test

Same goes as designers Happy to test First based on a simple conceptual fashion shoot to carry on to more serious and commercial work

If you fit my criteria I will get back to you
Though sometimes due to the massive amount of messages I get I do miss some of them please forgive me for that

Do not ask me to keep you in mind for future when you don't fit a criteria since I get a lot of these requests with every casting That is impossible


Turn around time for editing can take one day or up to a month But you will get at least two images with in 2 days to a week (Please be patient with editing, sometimes it takes time to figure out how a shot is going to work best).I am a perfectionist You will get them when I think they are ready
I will occasionally let the model choose what they want edited as well
However I will not edit 5 of the same pose so don't even bother asking
Also that being said don't expect to have 25 photos from every shoot we have Some concepts are stories some are just made of 1 or 2 pictures I am not a photo booth

Limited number of signed prints of each photo is available from me Just PM
My photos can be purchased for such as album covers,book covers etc with different prices regarding how much of the copyright is being given Email me for details

I do not pay anyone unless I am being paid ofcourse If so you will get a certain percentage All my money goes in to equipment and props and wardrobe and so on

I do LOCATION shoots %99 of the time
If you are going to whine about the weather and such don't even contact me this is England after all

Please tell me in advance what you WILL and WILL NOT do I don't like preparing everything and on the day of the shoot the entire thing getting ruined I want us to be %100 covered so we don't get nasty surprises at the day

On the account of chaperons I don't mind them as long as they aren't noisy and interfering And I will expect them to help out since I only have 2 hands after all

TRAVEL As long as I have an idea and ofcourse the funds I will travel anywhere There isn't anything nicer to find new dreamy locations than travelling

get rid off unnecessary hair (upper lip,legs, arms etc)
thread your eyebrows
wash your hair day prior to shoot
manicure & pedicure

If these aren't done I do have the right to just send you back which will result in me not shooting with you again Maybe it sounds a bit harsh but it's true I work hard for the shoot you have to do these to look your best

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