Don Johnston ©  Lingerie
Credits:  None
Terence Mendoza ©  Swimwear
Credits:  None
Nick Parry ©  Other
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Hugh Alison ©  Swimwear
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Model Statistics
Hair ColourOther
Eye ColourGreen
Cup SizeD
Weight120 lbs
Dress Size8
Shoe Size6
Areas of Interest
Compensation Accepted
Account TypeModel
Will Travel
Member since28/03/2010 04:39:46
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Member Notes
I've been modelling for about 10 months and have done about 30 shoots in that time, some paid, some TF*, all rewarding in their own way!

I have modelled for a few clothing companies including Rockabilly Pin-Up, The Gothic Shop, Raenbows Boutique, Petticoats a Plenty and Diamonds and Daggers.

I was also featured in MLE's music video for their song 'Take Me to the Disco' in which I writhed around in a glass box lined with red satin wearing skimpy black underwear - Great stuff! I loved the experience and music videos are definitely something I'd like to be involved in again.
You can view the video here:

I'm interested in all sorts of different modelling varying from classic 50s Pin-Up to FRONT style Glamour to Fashion, but I am particularly fond of being in lingerie and swimwear.. I always feel my most comfortable and feminine when wearing a lace bra 'n' panties combo. More lingerie shoots please! :)

I have experience in ballet and gymnastics as well as drama which means I am quite flexible and have a variety of facial expressions and poses, including a realistic natural looking smile which for some reason makes photographers giggle - I think this is a good thing..?!

My hair is dyed blue, and I have no tattoos and absolutely no cosmetic enhancements of any kind. My only modification is one hole in each ear. I used to really want piercings and tattoos soon as I had the money and was the correct age, but I've found clear pale skin is actually an asset, so I've decided to keep it unblemished!

I have a railcard so travel isn't an issue, although I will normally ask to go 50/50 on my travel expenses if travelling outside of Wales as it can get quite pricey.

I'm happy to work with photographers of varying degrees of experience - Photography students I find are especially creative and good fun to work with so please don't hesitate in approaching me no matter what your experience :)

Due to being self-employed, I control my own time schedule meaning I can work evenings, weekdays or weekends providing I have no other commitments.

I think I've covered everything but please feel free to PM me with any questions you might have :)
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